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"It's been three whole weeks since I last did my nails and I worked hard during that time.  They still look wonderful!  They are long, strong and beautiful, but not brittle.  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!"

Jebby Cooper

"I seriously love this polish!  It took minutes to dry and I can be as hard on them as I want and they stay perfect!  This is awesome!  The colors are so bold and beautiful!  I can't believe my manicure has lasted over 2 weeks so far!  Love, love, love this stuff!"

Jamie Rica Soffer

"Can't wait to get more colors!  My mom and I love this!!  We drink wine and do each other's nails.  Bonding and getting pretty manicures, all at the same time!"

Lora Bluvshteyn

"Tried this out for the first time and it's fabulous!  Goes on exactly how you say it will.  I'm really thrilled!!!  For those with oily nails, try using a dehydrator before base coat.  Solves any early lifting for sure!"

Nikki Blackmer

"Love not having to worry about chipped nail polish! Love your nail polish and your great customer service!!! I can't wait to order more colors.  I have been telling everyone about your product.  A must have!  Thanks!"

Tanya Herrera

"I love your nail polish and how much it protects my nails!"

Ella Foster Renfro

"Love, love, love my nails.  Had a girls' night out and we did our nails.  First time using Couture Gel Nail Polish!  Looks like a professional job.  What fun we had, too.  By the way, we are both over 50 years old, but still need that girl time."

Sue-Skinner Martin

"Since I started using your gel polish, my nails seem to be stronger.  I'm into all kinds of things and I haven't broken one nail.  I bump them and hit them on things, and no breaks or splits."

Tina Griffith

"It was tricky for me at first, but by the second or third time it was the best!  I've gotten so many compliments from people... need more colors!"

Sonja Martin

"LOVE LOVE LOVE my new nail kit.   I find myself looking at my nails all the time because they look so pretty!  That's something I never thought I would ever say because I have the weakest nails known to man.  Worth every single penny.  Every woman in America needs one of these kits!  Now my only problem is what to do with all my old polish, since I will never be able to go back.  Thanks, Couture, I am thrilled!  I can't wait to see the new shades!"

Terrie Hvozdovich Frailey

"You will love it!  The best part is you can have a spa day in your jammies!"

Shelley DeMeo

"I want to thank you for your wonderful customer service.  My mom kept entering her code on the back of her card wrong because it was worn off.  You called her personally more than once to fix the problem.  She told me all about it on Christmas after she gave me my kit!"

Julie Ball

"Hi, just did my nails and love it!  Looks just as good as when I get them done at the salon!  Just need to learn to paint better 'inside the lines'!"

Dorothy Haynie

"I already have my order.  Love the professional quality of everything included!  Just finished mani and pedi in the color After Party.  It is the perfect red to get through the holiday season.  So pretty and so shiny... I just keep looking and smiling."

Elaine Brausch

"I love my kit!!! And you guys are awesome!  Thanks for all your help!  This kit pays for itself in four manicures!  It's so worth it!  Plus you get a manicure that really lasts!!! Thanks again!!!"

Nadia Straghalis Gott

"Couture Gel Nail Polish is the best!  I love it!"

Paulette Gamba

"So far one week with no chips or cracks in my nails!  Best polish ever!!!"

Kolleen Otte

"Just did my nails with Silk in the City... Love this color, goes with everything."

Leslie Kittredge DeMeo

"Thanks for the outstanding customer service! I tried Velvet Rope and I love it!  Thanks for your time and a great product!!!"

Kelsey Curry

"Received my kit in the mail today, painted my nails with Silk in the City and I love it! Can't wait to try my other colors!!! Thank you for making this easy and available to do at home!"

Lamekka Morgan

"Again, thanks for such great customer service. Can't wait to see that gorgeous shine!  Everything has far exceeded my expectations!"

Jennifer Louden

"It's nice to know that a company stands behind their product and cares about their customers.  Thanks again!"

Benita Booker

"I painted my toes last night... waited a while... a long while... could not go to bed because they would not dry.  Then at the last minute I decided to use Couture Gel Nail Polish on my toes... jumped into bed 5 minutes later... amazing!!!  This has been an issue for me forever... I am never waiting for my toenails to dry again! Thank you!"

Lora Bluvshteyn


“Within 15 minutes I have a beautiful manicure that lasts for weeks.”

— Paulette Gamba


“I like different colors for different occasions. It's nice that there are so many colors to choose from.”

— Joslyn Hamilton


“After 2 weeks my nails look brand new. They've passed the test of time… Really durable.”

— Callie Hammond

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