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What is Couture Gel Nail Polish?


Couture Gel Nail Polish is a revolutionary new product that allows you to give yourself a home manicure with gorgeous color and absolute invincibility for up to 3 weeks. No chipping, no peeling, no loss of shine! Couture Gel Nail Polish is a light-sensitive polish that is applied in 3 easy steps and dries quickly under our Espree Salon LED Lamp.

Your nails are 100% dry in only 30 seconds! After 2 or 3 weeks, the polish is easily removed by using our exclusive gel nail polish removal wraps and our Remove product - made with aloe vera and grapefruit extract for the health of your nails. That’s it — no hassle, no mess, no more trips to the salon!

What comes in the Couture Gel Nail Polish kit?

Each kit comes with:

  • A selection of 3 gorgeous gel nail polish shades of your choice, plus a base coat and a top coat*
  • A salon-quality Espree Salon LED Lamp that is lightweight, durable and easy to store
  • Cleanse and Remove formulated with aloe vera and grapefruit extracts for the health of your nails
  • A step-by-step brochure and a bonus instructional DVD on application and removal tips and techniques
  • A quality zip-up nylon carrying case that makes it easy to stow away your gel nail polish kit for next time
  • A free bonus gift of professional manicure tools!


What are the benefits of using Couture Gel Nail Polish?

Savvy women everywhere are discovering Couture Gel Nail Polish because it’s the invincible 3-week manicure. You can give yourself a gorgeous manicure in the comfort of your own home — utterly convenient and much less expensive than weekly trips to the salon. And no more waiting hours for your nails to fully dry. Couture Gel Nail Polish dries in 30 seconds under our Espree Salon LED Lamp (which comes with each kit). No more mistakes, denting, chipping, peeling or smudging. No more harsh chemicals or damage to your natural nails. Couture Gel Nail Polish promises lasting durability and no-chip shine for up to 3 weeks!

Is Couture Gel Nail Polish safe for my natural nails?

Absolutely! Unlike traditional nail polish that has a chemical smell and can dry out your nails, Couture Gel Nail Polish is free of compounds such as formaldehyde, toulene or phthalates. Our polish is not only safe for your natural nails, it’s actually good for your nails and encourages them to grow faster! Couture Gel Nail Polish is manufactured in the United States, so we are able to keep a close eye on the manufacturing process.

How do I properly prepare my nails for Couture Gel Nail Polish application?

Clean, dry nails are the key to success with Couture Gel Nail Polish. First, remove any old nail polish product with or exclusive Remove product, or acetone nail polish remover. Then, shape your nails with the free professional manicure tools that come with each kit. Push back your cuticles with the cuticle stick.  Buff any oily shine from fingernails with the nail buffer.  If you tend to have oily skin, then you will also have more oil on your nails.  If this is the case, use the included file to file the nail surface, providing a rougher surface for the gel polish to adhere to. Clean your fingernails with a lint-free swab dipped in our exclusive Cleans product or alcohol. Your nails are now ready for the Couture Gel Nail Polish application process!

Why shouldn’t I apply lotions, creams or sunscreens on the day of application?

Any substance you use on your hands that contains oils will soak into your fingernails, and you can’t get it out simply by washing your hands. Couture Gel Nail Polish will not adhere as well on oily nails, and may lift off the nails. This is why we suggest that you buff any surface shine or oil from your fingernails prior to application.  Again, if you tend to produce more oil in your skin and nails, be sure to use the nail file to file the surface of your nails prior to application.  This will provide a rougher surface for the gel polish to adhere to.

How do I apply Couture Gel Nail Polish?

There’s no challenging trick to using Couture Gel Nail Polish — if you have ever painted your own fingernails, you can easily use our gel nail polish. The process is an easy 3-step application. Preparation of your natural nails (above) is the key to success with Couture Gel Nail Polish. We offer directions and tips on our web site, as well as on the free instructional DVD and brochure that come with each kit. The last step — drying your nails under the Espree Salon LED Lamp — is easy and takes just a few minutes.

Why do you instruct us to cap the tips of our nails, and what does this mean?

Capping the tips of your nails is a common practice in professional nail salons. You simply brush the base coat, polish, and topcoat along the edge of each nail as you are painting that coat. Capping the tip of the nail helps to ensure moisture will not penetrate under the polish and erode your beautiful manicure. By doing so, your manicure will last much longer.

How do I remove my Couture Gel Nail Polish?

Soaking is no longer necessary with our exclusive gel nail polish removal wraps and our Remove product - made with aloe vera and grapefruit extract for the health of your nails!

Removal of Couture Gel Nail Polish is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. “Break” the surface of the polished nail by lightly filing or buffing into the top-coat layer.
  2. Using our easy gel polish remover wraps or aluminum foil cut into strips, and cotton pads, apply our Remove product or pure acetone to the cotton area and wrap finger tip with aluminum wrap.  Leave finger tips wrapped for 5 - 7 minutes.
  3. Using an orange or cuticle stick, gently scrape the loose polish from fingernails, paying close attention to any stubborn bits.

Voila! Your nails are now ready to re-apply your favorite color of Couture Gel Nail Polish!

Can I just peel the polish off my fingers when I’m ready to remove it?

If nails are properly prepared before you apply Couture Gel Nail Polish, this should not be an easy task, and we don’t encourage you to try it, since peeling the polish off your fingernails tends to take off the top thin layer of your fingernail, degrading the quality of the nail. Instead, please follow the easy 3-step process above to ensure that your nails stay healthy and strong.

Are gel nail polishes safe for my health?

The short answer to this is yes! But for more information on this topic please watch this video on the safety of gel nail polishes.

Why does Couture Gel Nail Polish come in an opaque black bottle?

Couture Gel Nail Polish is light sensitive. When exposed to light, it thickens. In fact, this scientific key is how Couture Gel Nail Polish works. After you apply it, 30 seconds under our Espree Salon LED Lamp cures the polish to a diamond-hard finish. In the meantime, the polish should always be stored in a dark bottle, to keep it from absorbing light rays. You should also keep your Couture Gel Nail Polish bottles in a cool, dark place. Do not refrigerate your nail polish, as it will cause the polish to thicken. If your Couture Gel Nail Polish does happen to thicken a bit over time, you can soak the tightly-sealed bottle in hot water for a few minutes. It will quickly thin out again.

Will Couture Gel Nail Polish dry if I don’t use the Espree Salon LED Lamp?

Couture Gel Nail Polish will not dry properly if you do not use the Espree Salon LED Lamp to “cure” it.  Our polish is specifically formulated to work in tandem with the Espree Salon LED Lamp.

What if I run out of one of the colors I like?

When you run out of Couture Gel Nail Polish, don’t worry… we offer over 100 bold and beautiful colors that you can purchase separately, or in money saving 2, 3, or 5 color sets!

Will you ever offer more colors?

Couture Gel Nail Polish introduces new colors every season. We stay on top of fashion trends and design our colors according to what’s hot right now for this season, as well as feedback from our loyal customers.

If I’m not happy with my Couture Gel Nail Polish kit, can I return it?

You’re going to love Couture Gel Nail Polish. But if for any reason you don’t, we’ll refund your money. Just send us back your Couture Gel Nail Polish kit within 60 days (in its original packaging), and we’ll issue a refund right away. No questions asked. This is our promise to you.

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